My name is Anna Dudzinska. I’m a Fashion Designer based in Gdansk, Poland. My career with fashion started more than 10 years ago after I graduated from University of Psychology. I decided to turn my life around and got a job in marketing department for the biggest clothing company in Poland. This decision led me to study Fashion Design at Cracow Schools of Art And Design at the same time and after 3 years my dream came true and I became a Fashion Designer. During this period I’ve set up my own knitwear brand DUDZINSKA, creating unique, hand-knitted pieces from the high quality fibers such as wool, mohair and silk. I’ve attended to many fashion fairs and had shows in Netherlands, France, Germany, China and Poland and all the collections were published in the most popular magazines and websites in Poland and abroad. 
Also I’ve been working for the biggest fast fashion Polish brands thus I have a strong understanding of commercial fashion and excellent working cooperation with Asian and European manufacturers. 
My current interests in the field of fashion are ecology and new technologies in woven and knitted fabrics. I spend my free time travelling as frequently as possible, reading tones of books and cycling. I love to explore new things, take lots of photos and try new food flavours.
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